Matica Enterprises Inc. has assembled a top-notch technical team to complement the proven executive talent of the company’s founders. Management can be contacted and further information can be requested by emailing info@maticaenterprises.com.

Boris Ziger MBA

CEO and Chairman of The Board

Boris Ziger has over 25 years experience in the Capital Markets and has been instrumental in the establishment and financing junior companies. For the past 15 years Mr. Ziger has been involved largely in the resource sector and has worked closely with many companies holding both board and senior management positions. Mr. Ziger has been appointed Chairman of the board of directors.


Chief Financial Officer

Charn Deol has an extensive understanding of the marijuana industry having been an advocate for the legalization of marijuana since his studies at the University of British Columbia. Mr. Deol is a physiological psychologist by profession having earned a M.A. in psychology from UBC and a PhD in counselling psychology from Columbia State College. Charn Deol also has over 30 years of experience in the financial markets. He has served on both private and public company boards.

Meissam Hagh Panah

Independent Director

Mr. Hagh Panah was born and raised in Italy. He speaks six languages and Panah’s has understanding of the complexity and diversity of North American and European culture which furthers his understanding of the challenges of this new and ever changing cannabis market. Mr. Hagh Panah brings 10 years of international affairs and business development experience in a variety of industries with a special focus in the past few years on the Cannabis & Hemp sector in Québec and worldwide.

Before joining Matica Enterprises, Mr. Hagh Panah consulted for several companies in their cannabis licensing application process with Health Canada. After immigrating to Canada in 2008, he obtained a Certificate in Administration from HEC Montreal while working in diverse management roles in Montreal’s technology sector.




Mr. Tremblay resides in QuebecCity and is a former Member of Parliament. First elected in 1984 as a Federal progressive-conservative member of parliament, he occupied a number of important positions in the House of Commons, including Parliamentary Secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister, to the Minister of Finance and to the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General of Canada.

Mr. Tremblay was the representative of the Canadian government at the U.N., N.A.T.O. and O.E.C.D. He  attended la Sorbonne (Paris, France) and the University of Ljubijana (Yugoslavia) to study Economy and Politic Science. He graduated from Laval University in Quebec City with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (B.Sc.C.) and a Master’s in Accounting (M.Sc.C.) in 1967.